Solar System HD Deluxe Edition Customer Reviews:



Cool app


My favorite wallpaper right meow!

Simply gorgeous

I love this live wallpaper . . .stunningly accurate and so detailed. Beautiful.

Sound as a pound

By far the best wallpaper of all time. Nothing else even comes close. Beautiful detail.

Perfect except..

..for the quality of some planets which need improvement. Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto are fabulous. But the rest need rework. Please do that because this LWP is a definite 5 stars.

Brutal On Battery Life!

This app drained my Nexus 7's battery dry. For some reason it kept running in the background all day and pounded my battery to death. I've never had any other app, let alone a LWP (which ought to stop using CPU once off the screen) do that. Do I need to say I'm uninstalling it? Screen caps of battery stats are available as proof.

Stunningly amazing!!!


I cannot say anything bad about this wallpaper. I just love it. Maybe a little bit of more high detail about planets. At least some of them.

For those who don't know how to use it.

This is an amazing live wallpaper. To use it, you have to go to the 'Wallpapers' in the 'settings', then 'Live Wallpapers', choose Solar System HD from the available lists, the click ' Set wallpaper'.

Don't buy

This app after installing doesn't display on my screen even after several attempts So please refund

Just needs one fix

If you would PLEASEE fix it so that everything doesn't keep moving to the side, I will change this review to 5 stars. It's the most annoying thing to center the planet and the galaxy and everything and then it all moves to the side on its own and I have to tilt it to center it again and then it just keeps doing it lol


Just beautiful. I recently upgraded to full with no regrets

Please help!

I am unable to set this as my wallpaper or even open it. In the app store there is only the refund option as well. No open app option available either!


stvarno lijep wallpaper. pogotovo kada se iskljuce asteroidi i planet. predobar

Love it.

Highly configurable. Pleasantly surprised by how well the 3d effect works. If only I could figure out a way of getting this as my lockscreen wallpaper too (don't think I can on my xperia zu)

Another great wallpaper...

I bought your other two HD wallpapers and this one is as great as the others. 12/3/13 update is great. Just gets better and better. Wish you could display the Milky Way by itself (a "no planet" selection).

Solar System

What a beautiful science wallpaper. It does so much I will let the app creator tell you about all of it. Just beautiful five star application. Ena

Out there

Beyond the realm

Good app

Graphics are wonderful, keep up with the great work.




This would be perfect if it had the homescreen scrolling option! So the planet moves back and forth as you swipe between screens! Nonetheless beautiful!

Very cool

I like this wall paper! One of my favorite so far.

Battery hog.

This LWP uses too much battery, to the point where my Nexus 5 had trouble charging. Regardless of how good it does look, a wallpaper should never interfere with a charging cycle.

Simply Wonderful

Very very nice live wallpaper. I have never seen anything like this. The only question is where are the satellites? The checkbox to make them visible are there.

I love planets

Nice job on this dev, can you make it more holographic and animated, still a 5 stars to me

Beautiful live wallpaper

The details in this wallpaper are incredible! I doubt this will happen, but I'd love to see a Tardis fly across the wallpaper every now and again. Since it is the Doctor's 50th Birthday today.


It's nice wallpaper GJ guys ! :-)


Best space live wallpaper I have downloaded beautiful graphics lots of options looks nice on s4.


Beautiful app.

Awesome graphics

Demo alone is great but full version well worth the $2. My son loves just staring at the screen and twisting the phone. Kudos to the programer (s).

So Coooool

Love it so Much worth the money looks so Beautiful. :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

Excellent but not much reason to buy

This is not a critique of the quality of this wallpaper, which is to notch. But I subtracted a star because some of the planets are way too bright and there is not much extra content in the paid version. I would really love to see more star systems and star fields and planets since we are paying extra. Almost everything in this version is included in the free edition. That said, the free version is even worth $2 so I don't really mind too much.

Amazing app! Well worth the pennies...

Thank you! What an amazing app. I downloaded the free version, was blown away by it and so I bought the hd version. Glad I did. Though I now spend all my time staring at the home screen...!

Just love it

Great graphics, worth every cent. Works perfectly on the the note 2.

Best live wallpaper I've found!

The graphics and movement from the device's gyro are perfect on my S3. Buy the full version, best wallpaper you will own.

Galaxy S3

Totally amazing app. Very dreamy. Well worth paying for the full version.

That it needs

Lot of options but no wallpaper scrolling ??? please add that option and shooting stars



Fantastic graphics with a multitude of custom options.